Bothers on Wearing Lenses

29.03.2022 | Noah | TTDeye Care

You may be wondering what’s the proper time to wear colored lenses!

This trouble commonly bothers people who are fond of wearing colored contacts and contact lenses. They are always worrying about that inappropriate wearing ways may bring discomfort of eyes or even serious and bad results.

But, no worries! We TTD editors would kindly tell you some situations where you are not good to use lenses.

Keep following!

What about the time when you are sleeping?

The answer is “NO” for soft lenses!

However, the lenses for shaping cornea are kind of harder lens, which is to be used to cure nearsightedness at night. With high oxygen permeability and special design on curve of cornea, it can play an excellent role in curing at night!

And all the lenses from TTDeye store are soft ones. Therefore, it’s not good to wear soft lenses during sleeping!

If you are suffering a cold?

You’d better not do it!

There are so many germs on hands of patients with influenza. If not cleaning your hands, it is likely to bring these germs into your eyes, inducing or aggravating eye diseases, like keratitis and conjunctivitis when you pick lenses off! Also the components from cold medicine which suppress tears can make eyes dry out!

What if you are in your long flight?

Free of lenses is strongly advised under such situation!

First, high pressure up in the sky may affect the curve of cornea. Contact lenses are easily out of shape, thus damaging cornea;

Second, the dry air inside may take moisture of lens away quickly, causing dryness;

Third, the protein from tears tends to be dry and hard, stopping air hole, then taking away oxygen of cornea.

How about women in pregnancy and physiology?

Definitely no!

In the time before and during menstrual cycle, pressure of eyes is higher than that as usual, and eyeball is more easily congested, which is much more evident on women with dysmenorrhea. If wearing contacts, your eyes will be suffering bad influence from them. It can wreak havoc upon hormones during pregnancy, causing the imbalance of water content of body, swelling of eyelids, and thickness of cornea. Especially 3 months after getting pregnant, cornea being thick is more obvious, which is not consistent with lens, this bringing discomfort of eyes!

There are four situations above you may encounter in your life of wearing lenses. Any further questions, contact us via e-mail at [email protected].