A Contact Lens That Lets You Zoom in When You Blink Twice

09.08.2023 | Ash | TTDeye Care

Beauty lies, within your eyes. Alternatively, Science and technology can give you a detailed, accurate, and high definition to your beauty. Your eye can visualize the way you want. 


What if I say you can become a science-fiction hero and can Zoom in and out with your eye movements? And you can see a distant object nearby without moving or you don’t require binoculars to spot a flock of birds that are far away? You can do magic by reading a book that is 50 meters apart or be a  super-spy with a zoom-in camera in your eyes? Will you believe me?


Science and Technology will make all the above possible. Sounds crazy, isn’t it?


In the technology world, every day we are caught with surprises. We see a new invention which is going to make our lives easy, has been invented. Before we could think of what would come next, we see something that is far ahead of our imagination. This technology has made the mission of extraordinary vision possible


This article will take you through a journey of how amazingly and scientifically your eye movement can be used to zoom in and out objects. Something that we would have heard in movies “Blink of an eye can make wonders” is actually possible now. You do not need to be any more dependent on things like double-tapping or remember the shortcut keys or strain in anyways to do the zoom-in function. 


We need to give a big thanks to Scientists from the University of California for making this possible. They have created a Robotic contact lens that allows you to zoom in and out by blinking your eyes. These lenses are controlled by your eye movements. In short, this is a contact lens that works based on your command and zoom in and out. This creation is through Applied Science. 


In a camera, we use to zoom in and out to get a closer look of the object. Similarly, place these lenses in your eyeball and experience the zoom in and out function which gives you a clearer vision of the object that we want to look at.


How is this possible? How does this work?

In simple terms, just blink your eyes twice. These lenses would automatically focus on far or near objects quickly. Like a contact lens, this robotic lens can comfortably sit on the curvature of your eyes and it gives you a clear view and excellent focus. An add-on to this creation is the Robotic contact lens that allows the zoom-in function. Therefore the lens could literally zoom in and out depending on the blink of an eye.


Getting to know the science behind the lens, our eyes always generate an electrical impulse (signals). Researchers measured the signals (electroculographic signal) that come out from our eyes when we make specific eye movements (right, left, up, down, or single/double blink). Electrooculography is a technique used to monitor and record eye movements. 


This robotic contact lens is made up of layers of polymers (flexible) which expand and contract when signals are passed. These polymers expand when an electric current is passed through it. The layers of polymer make the lens soft and gentle which inturn is harmless to our eyes. These soft lenses can respond to electric impulsive signals. The lens that was created seems smart enough to change the focal length based on signals generated. 


Based on the research, because of the soft materials used in the lens, it has the ability to increase the focal length as large as 32%. In other words, your zoom is of 32%


This makes the ZOOM IN (adjust the lens and make the object look bigger, closer, accurate, and well-defined) possible with the lens in your eyes. Crazy creation isn’t it?

This creation caught most of the viewers' and readers' eyes. 


Surprisingly, these zoom lenses don't change their focal point according to the sight. In Fact, sight doesn’t matter.  It works irrespective of if the wearer has a clear vision or not. It’s not about what is seen, it’s about the signals produced by the wearer’s eye by their eye movements. Your eye movement makes the contact lens zoom in function easier. There is a small catch to this, for now, this can be used only by the people who don't have visionary problems and have accurate eyesight.


Keeping all the pros and advantages in mind, wearing lenses could easily rebound if you accidentally blink your eyes twice, especially while doing some task that needs focus like driving, shooting. Nevertheless, you could soon learn to control the lenses and their functionalities. 


Wait, will we always are zoomed in? The scientists made the lens to work such that when the wearer blinked two times, this lens would zoom-in. If the action is repeated again, it would zoom-out. 


The only way you know the world exists is through your EYES. 

The only way you know the world exists and is beautiful is through your EYES Movements. 

The only way you get a detailed and highly defined astonishing beauty is through a Robotic contact lens in your Eye. 


Why was this created? Is it a Futuristic creation? 

The Researchers and Scientists are hopeful that this technology of the zoom lens could be used for bionic eyes, or visual prosthesis, an artificial eye, and remotely-operated robotics as well as adjustable glasses. Along with this, it can also be used as a physical model for visualizing physiological principles. Science and technology have taken the contact lens to the next level by making our lives super easy.  This is for the future, It is completely a futuristic-sounding technology and creation.


This creation has lots of pros and a few cons as discussed. Let’s see what the output brings out to us. It’s definitely an eye-opening development that may lead to exciting things down the line. Looks like you’re already dreaming of wearing this and becoming a Superhero or Super-Spy.