9 K-Pop Idols Who Look Insanely Gorgeous With Colored Contact Lenses

15.11.2023 | Shirly | Eye Fashion Celebrity Beauty

Korean Pop stars are already ruling the world with their permissive and impulsive music, unique choreographies, and mesmerizing beats. All the K-Pop models look stunning and gorgeous, well quite stylish too flaunting various eye color contact lenses at so many events.  


There look has been the talk of the town. Most of us might not be aware of it but Korean has a great love for doll eyes. Our K-pop state is not afraid to experiment with changing eye color using colored contact lenses. We completely understand the craze and therefore have prepared a list highlighting your favorite K-pop star colored eyes. Korean Pop culture nowadays has been busy slaying around with the colored contact lens. 

Jisoo (Blackpink)

One famous South Korean actress and singer Jisoo slays with a hot look with these colored contact lenses. She has been killing a lot of people with her sexy looks and beautiful eyes. 

This 25 year - old girl is a member of the Blackpink crew and has been a part of KBS2.

She is also a model for a cosmetics brand Kiss Me and later became a local endorser for a famous cosmetics brand "Dior Beauty".

Kim Jenni (Blackpink)


Imagine sexy and smoky eyes look. A tint of unwavering black color, soft touches, and kisses of blue give a perfect look of bluish black color to make the look complete.  

Stars with grey eyes have proven to be stunning. Jenni’s brown eyes were already an add on to her beauty but she gave a comeback to the industry with stormy grey eyes. She is not only a talented singer but a rapper too. She works with Black pink and YG Family. She won the Digital Bonsang award in the year 2020 from Golden Disc Awards. 


Bambam (GOT7)


Stars don’t dream of being just good at their shows and concerts. They want to be the best!!!


Next star in the list next we have Bambam who has never failed to make his fan followers fall for him every time they see him. We can also say his “eyestalk”.” He wears a colored contact lens and makes it look super attractive. This star is a Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Dancer and a Record Producer, He was a part of dance crew We Zaa Cool and an active member of GOT7 . He was awarded the social superstar in the JOOX Thailand Music awards 2020. 

Jimin (BTS)


Be you!! Be Natural! Be unique!! Be stylish!! Be a slayer!! Be empowered!! Be Trendy!! Be cool!! Want to be all in one, then Just be like Jimin!! No doubt he is a trendsetter and a stylish singer. He covers the K-pop industry with his amazing songwriting skills. He is from the famous BTS gang. He has “jellyfish-blue eyes.  He wears an amazing blue or black lens color that matches his skin tone.


JungKook (BTS)

People with semi-circle lids have got love pouring into them. Last, on the list, we have Jungkook who made his appearance in brush blue and made his fans skip a heartbeat. His mesmerizing look is the talk of the town. This young champ is an amazing singer, songwriter, and record producer. This man is associated with BTS. 


Irene (Red velvet)

People love it when someone says  “Your beauty is irresistible!.” People love compliments, in this lens craze list has our next K-pop model Irene. The blond hair and colored lens combo make her look like a doll. She has left people thinking this is Irene or an Irene doll. She is always one who is considered as an outstanding model beautiful with colored lenses.

This star is a part of Red Velvet, SM world, and SM Rookies.  Her family name is “BAE.”

Wendy (Red Velvet)


The next K Pop queen is Wendy She is a member of Red Velvet, SM world, and SM Rookies. This singer started to rock the music world at the age of 12. No doubt her voice is attractive. Apart from her voice, the next thing that attracts her fans is her colored eyes. She is cute by nature but what's cuter are her eyes. The lens she owns adds 100 more points to her beauty quotient just like how water droplets add beauty to flowers. She wears an iconic grey color lens. 

Joy (Red Velvet) 


This greyish eye colored Koren Pop-star “JOY” is Just amazing and outrageous. She earned her stage name as Joy who is the next one on the list. The Battleship color lens she wears talks about her confidence and strength to win the K-pop industry battle with her Singing talent.  She is the new model and official ambassador for Fitz Super Clear Beer. 

Dahyun (Twice)

Dark colors, Light colors, Neon colors

No matter how many types, we never get bored with colors. Dahyun is a young and charming K-Pop singer who constantly impresses people with her Singing and Rappers. She tried a lot of colored lenses and started a new trend. This young and rocking star is a part of TWICE and JYP Nation.

Are colored lenses safe?

Colored contact lenses are designed in such a way that the color of the lens covers the iris and pupil uncovered to get a clear vision. These lenses are not going to affect your vision and are completely safe to use. Visibility, enhancement, and opaque tint are available in these colored lenses. To add a complete style statement to your look, the colored lenses are great addons.  It is recommended that you consult a professional before use. 

These lenses are comfy and safe. They come in various colors, you can go as wild as you want or can even opt for natural-looking lenses. Wanna enhance your look in a minute just become crazy with these stars and try colored lenses. You would rock the show.