What are the most natural blue colored contacts

What are the most natural blue colored contacts? 

Discover blue color contact lenses among our collections and transform your eyes into incredibly natural tones ranging from bright sky blues through to dark blue-gray tones. At TTDeye, we pair contact lens technology with pioneering color opacity so you can transform even the darkest eye into bright blue with our colored contact lenses.

Various Styles for You to Choose

If you’re looking for natural dark blue lenses, then we have plenty of amazing color choices for you. If you’re looking for fresh blue color contacts, then we recommend Himalaya Blue which is a yearly disposable colored contact lens inspired by the Himalaya waters. If you want to try out dark blue eyes, then Egypt Blue is a fantastic choice from our natural collections.

Light blue eyes are one of the most desirable eye colors in the world. Our collection of light blue lenses can be found across multiple collections, again to suit your preferred replacement schedule. With our color contact lens opacity, you can be confident that you’ll be able to transform your eyes into dreamy bright blues. Sin Blue is the perfect choice if you're looking for bright blue eyes that dazzle. For a more subtle light blue tone, HD Blue or Polar Light Blue are fantastic choices to experiment with.

Blue Color Contact Lenses on Black Brown Eyes

As with all our colored contacts lenses, even black brown eyes can be converted into our beautiful color contact lens options. Blue is a fantastic color choice for switching up your black brown eyes. Our color opacity is second to none and covers the entire iris making it hard for anyone to recognise you’re wearing blue colored contact lenses at all!

Blue Color Contact Lenses on Dark Brown Eyes

We work tirelessly to only produce lenses with the best color opacity meaning that all our blue colored contact lenses can transform even the darkest brown eye into beautiful shades of blue, whether dark or light. If you’ve got dark brown eyes and have always wished for blue then all options are in scope with our stunning lineup of blue color contacts.

Blue Color Contact Lenses on Light Brown Eyes

All of our blue color contact lenses have been created to be able to transform light brown eyes seamlessly into the desired shade. Some of our color options combine subtle hints of greys and greens which make the transformation to blue all the more natural but if you’re looking to completely transform your light brown eyes to blue, then TTDeye lenses are the perfect choice for you.