💕Valentine’s Day Gift Guide | Colored Contacts Recommendation

09.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Recent Discount

Love is in the Air: Add Some Color to Your Valentine’s Day with TTDeye Colored Contact Lenses

It’s the perfect time to make a bold statement with your looks. What better way to do that than with some new and vibrant colored contact lenses? These lenses not only enhance your natural beauty but also add an extra pop of color to your eyes, making them a perfect accessory for the most romantic day of the year.

With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can match your lenses to your outfit or create a unique look that reflects your personality. From the subtle shades of green and blue to the bold and bright hues of pink and purple, there is a color for everyone. And if you're not sure which color to choose, why not try out a few different options and see which one you like best?

Havana Blue-Grey/ Yellow-Green

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TTDeye Havana Collection

Do you love the serene ocean or the passion of a tropical rainforest? If so, then our Havana collection is perfect for you! Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural eye color or want to try something new and bold, these lenses are designed to provide you with the perfect look.

With a range of shades, from the calm and soothing blue-grey to the vibrant and playful yellowish green, there is a color for everyone. And the best part is that these colored contacts are not only stylish but also comfortable and easy to wear. Made with high-quality materials, these lenses are designed to provide all-day comfort, so you can wear them with confidence, whether you’re on a date, attending a romantic dinner, or simply enjoying a beautiful day.

Juice Collection

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TTDeye Juice Collection

Unleash your inner creativity with the vibrant Juice collection from TTDeye colored contact lenses.

With a range of shades including pink, blue, grey, and brown, our colored contacts are the perfect accessory for any outfit. The soft and romantic pink shade is perfect for those who want to make a statement, while the calming blue and grey hues are ideal for a more subtle look. And if you're looking for a natural look, the warm and rich brown shade is a perfect choice.

The pattern of this style is loved by many people who want a natural effect. Light brown stamen, surrounded by a swirl of fresh light shades, Juice collection is like a cup of fresh cocktail in the summer, bringing you a fresh feeling under the burning sun. Say no to boredom, they’ll help to brighten your eyes in just the blink of an eye!  TTDeye Juice Blue Colored Contact Lenses will be your very best accessory for a daily look. The pink one is obviously for your sweet Valentine’s Day makeup look. This one won’t be cold but will subtly change your eye color to soft pink.

HD Collection

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TTDeye HD Collection

Celebrate love with a pop of color: The perfect Valentine’s Day accessory - HD Collection Contact Lenses. For those who are trying contact lenses for the first time and don’t know what style to choose to match your Valentine’s Day look, then natural monochromatic lenses are the perfect choice for you.

With a unique and natural dot pattern, these lenses are designed to provide a subtle, yet eye-catching touch to your look. These colored contacts come in a range of single colors, from soft and natural hues to bold and vibrant shades. And the best part is that the dot pattern is subtle enough to be worn every day, yet distinctive enough to make a statement. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or simply want to enhance your natural beauty, these lenses are a perfect choice.

In addition to that, we recommend you this lens for one more reason, this collection is available in seven colors for you to choose from. You will surely find the right color in this collection for your Valentine’s Day makeup look.

Flash Sale Lenses — Get Lenses Under $15

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TTDeye HD CollectionTTDeye Flash Sale from $12.98

TTDeye Donut Pink

TTDeye Grape Purple

TTDeye Taylor Collection

Are you also struggling with the fact that you would love to give yourself or your loved one a nice pair of contact lenses as a gift, but don’t have enough budget? TTDeye has some great-looking styles for you to sell as specials. These styles are usually under $15 a pair, so you can get more contacts than usual for the same price. 👉Grab your contacts home at a lower price

Similar to a strawberry flavor donut topped with yellow sprinkles as decoration, Donut Pink will make your eyes stand out without being dramatic. Meanwhile, the design of a small diameter and zero outer ring creates a supernatural effect. You’ll definitely love the finish and how the sakura pink color pops out! Pink is definitely the best choice for Valentine’s Day makeup, and with a pair of pink contacts, you will shine on this sweet day!

Speaking of dreamy colors, purple must also be one of the main colors of Valentine’s Day. Purple is the color of royalty and luxury, and with TTDeye Grape Purple colored contact lenses, you can add a touch of regality and vibrant to your look. These lenses are designed to provide a bold and vibrant pop of color to your eyes, making them the perfect accessory for a night out or a special occasion. As juicy as grape, these magical Grape Purple contacts will give you the juicy and purest experience you’ve ever had - not to mention the gradient purple edge, which maximizes the beauty of your eyes. Get these rich and fruity colored contacts at only $12.98 to add a pop to your Valentine's look now!

Want a special and natural look, try Taylor Collection Colored Contact Lenses. With a grey circle ring and the natural green pattern imitating human’s real iris, the green contacts will make your eyes bright. With purple and brown shades, the purple one will give you very dreamy eyes for lightening your sweet look up. They have good coverage and can easily blend with your natural eye color. It can be incredibly beautiful in the sunlight. They are also available for under $15.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural eye color or want to try something new and bold, our flash sale offers you the chance to find the perfect lenses at a fraction of the cost.

Final Words

Not only do colored contact lenses provide a fun and playful touch to your look, but they are also comfortable and easy to wear. The latest colored contacts are made with high-quality materials and are designed to provide all-day comfort, so you can wear them with confidence, even on long, romantic days.

And the best part? Colored contact lenses are now more affordable than ever, making it easier than ever to try out this fun and fashionable accessory. Whether you’re looking to add some color to your life or just want to switch up your look for Valentine’s Day, these new colored contact lenses are a must-have for anyone looking to make a statement this year.

So why wait? Get ready to light up the room with your sparkling eyes and add some color to your Valentine’s Day with these stunning colored contact lenses. Order yours today and fall in love with a new and bold look!👉Order your contacts at TTDeye.com