Too Faced Glitter Bomb-Colored Contact Lenses Best Suited

10.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion

Too Faced Glitter Bomb Palette is a new Fall, including a wonderful selection of glittery, shimmery eyeshadow shades launched in 2017. The eye shadows have a slurry-like texture which is soft and creamy.

There is a total of ten colors inside the palette, including eight glittery eyeshadow shades and two matte shades, one is a pure white shade that helps brighten, and the other is black helps to intensify and darken the whole eye makeup.

If you are a sparkle eyeshadow fan, with a fun sparkly selection of shades you can create some very pretty eye looks. These eight glitter eye shadows can be applied wet or dry and can help you create limitless looks. A little reminder: do not forget to wear a pair of colored contact lenses after drawing perfect eye makeup, it will make your eyes more spirited. Choosing the right cosmetic colors will make your look gorgeous.

Earth-colored makeup match brown lenses. 

It is an Earth-colored makeup, suitable for white-collar workers. The small smoke style adds a woman's mature charm. Brown eyes and makeup match, add depth to the eyes and feature a more solid face. In this makeup, the brown lens is a crowning touch. To begin with, apply dark eyeshadow all over the lid and then golden shadow along the lash line and into the crease. Next, apply some bright colors to the center of the lids and to the inner corners of the eyes. Finally, take a brush to apply dark color along the lower lash line.

Peach blossom makeup and Floweriness Blue.

This makeup is really popular called peach blossom makeup, pink eye shadow matches the blue lenses have a chic appeal. This makeup is suitable for pale, warm-toned girls and is daily and smart. First, apply “Rose All Day” all over the lid to the crease, then use “Hot Damn” outwards to the brow in the same motion, and take" Work It" under the brows for the smoky effect.

Pumpkin color match yellow eye contact lenses

Wheat color or yellow-skinned women are more suitable for pumpkin-colored eye makeup, the whole makeup is natural, but sparkling. Apply Pumpkin color eyeshadow to the eye base, brighten lower eyelids and eyebrow bone with matter shade: pure white. Sweep the orange shadow at the end of the eye, and then apply a smoke purple shadow above the eye folds. After finishing the drawing, don't forget to wear eye contact lenses, perhaps a pair of yellow lenses on makeup like this is perfect.

I believe we all must understand this eye shadow, move, draw beautiful eye makeup, and select suitable lenses for ourselves.