Top 5 Brown lenses Choose by IG Influencers

13.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Celebrity Beauty

Are you a fan of brown eyes too? From dark brown to hazel, this beautiful color can always bring us new feelings. So plenty of brown contacts on the market, which ones are the most chosen lenses? Here we give you the answer this April.

🤎TOP 1: Trinity Brown  


The Trinity series is one of our best-selling series. These brown lenses are made up of three tones that naturally transition with the color of your eyes themselves, giving you very natural-looking honey brown eyes. The darker limbal ring can help to enlarge your eyes and makes your eyes more luminous.
(Water content: 38%/BC:8.5mm/Dia:14mm/Prescription & Non-Prescription)

🤎TOP 2: JK Brown 

by @roda__beauty
JK Brown is one of the 2022 new spring collection lenses. With a soft brown as the base shade and a dark grey limbal ring, it will very naturally change your eye color and make your eyes more charming. The natural transition between the three colors makes these contacts blend in perfectly with your eyes so that others can't tell you're wearing contacts at all! Highly recommended for both people with dark and light eyes. Wear it for your spring look.
(Water content: 38%/BC:8.5mm/Dia:14mm/Prescription & Non-Prescription)