Terrific Ideas to Include Colored Contact Lenses with The Latest Makeup Trends of 2020

10.08.2023 | Ava | TTDeye Care


Are colored contact lenses your favorite part of eye make-up? Wanna know how to include them in the latest makeup trends? We believe we have the Top Makeup Trends to Go with Colored Contact Lenses. So, Go Ahead and Read on.


Colored contact lenses are the most trouble-free accessory ever and we are here to break it down for you. So, let’s get started on how you can use these beauties to go with the top makeup trends of 2020

We love color contact lenses.

And, we love makeup.


With all the colors in the world, 2020 has gone gaga over them and has decided to include them in all it’s makeup palettes. So, this year let’s just use all the color contact lenses to highlight these amazing colors.


And to all those sexy species out there, the entire collection of TTDEYE also offers colored contact lenses with power as well.


So, what are we waiting for?! Let’s dive right in and see how we can choose the perfect combination to go with the trends. 



1. Blue Colored Contact Lenses – The blues are just so calm and so to maintain the calm go for neutral makeup around it. You can choose anything from shades of pink (and if you are feeling bolder go for bold fuchsia pink), dark blues, or the evergreen - greens. 


These combinations open up our world to experiment on the colorful lower-liner makeup trend along with the neon makeup trend as well. We think, the watercolor makeup trend will look just as flawless with the subtleness of pink, blues, and greens.

Credit – Instagram @anastei_ji

2. Green Colored Contact Lenses – The mysterious suspense that this color adds is amazing and to compliment the mystery, pick purples, the deeper the purple the more intense your look gets. You can always go monochromatic and choose darker shades of green. And if contrast is a game on for you, experiment with shades and tones of yellow.


Don’t these give us some serious inspiration for the animal print eye shadow? Well, we believe these medleys of color contact lenses will also get you spinning around the mismatched eye shadow trend. 

Credit – Eleanor on Unsplash

3. Hazel Colored Contact Lenses – This color is really enticing and is a stand-alone show-stealer, but a little more color never hurts anyone. Well then, spice it up with some smoky black and brown along with lavender and orange. Yes, you read that right. Orange. Trust us. 


To make a long story short we would definitely try these with the bright mascara trend and also pair it up with neon make up trend. We would spice things up by highlighting the inner corner with some glitter as well. 

Credit – Yunona Uritsky on Unsplash

4. Brown Colored Contact Lenses – The most versatile color ever!! This goes with anything and everything but we love how well it works with bronze, gold, and the shimmery ones. Though we also loved how soft pinks and vibrant blues worked out.


On one hand, these will work wonders with the animal print eyeshadow, and on the other hand, the glitter makeup trend will also look stunning as well, for the dark tones of brown will be the perfect pairing with them. The brown being a darker tone will highlight any light make up.

Credit – Instagram @arbenitalsmajli

5. Gray Colored Contact Lenses – We have put these at the last but they are a favorite. We love pairing them with some blues, greens, and browns. 


For all, we know these grays in the eyes are the most innocent things in the world. They are like baby eyes. And we recommend you experiment these with the watercolor makeup trend. The softness that the watercolor makeup offers paired with the innocence of the grays, will play a blast. You can also use pastel eyeliners along with these. The combination will look very subtle and yet have the extraordinary feel. 

Credit - @nikki_makeup


Now that the color contact lenses have been talked about thoroughly, we would like to share some more on a few makeup trends as well.


More Makeup Trends

1. Abstract Makeup – Well this make up trend is to die for. The endless possibilities it offers needs endless accessories and we at TTDEYE have a wide range of products with our cosplay contact lens collection and our rainbow contact lens collection as well. 

Credit - Instagram  @sweetysetsu for @ttd_eye

2. Animal Print Makeup – This is a trend we think brings out the inner creativity in you. The more the merrier is what this trend is. The more colors. The more accessories and a lot more and the Dream Collection of TTDEYE will give you several inspirations.


3. Floating Eyeliner – With all the attention being allotted only to one aspect of the makeup, which is the eyeliner, there is scope for you to get experimental with your eye color and explore how you want to play. You can complement your eye color with your liner or create a contrast. Either way, it will turn heads for sure.

Credit – Instagram @workingwithmonolids for @ttd_eye

4. Neon Makeup – Neon is the color range with some bright tones to its credit and if you are bold enough to don those, you have got to get more experimental and knock the air out of people when they see you. You can choose your pick from our entire collection to go with your needs, it has boundless opportunities.

Credit – Instagram @susy158hio for @ttd_eye


Now that you are geared up with all this amazeballs info, go equip yourself with all the tools and set up your makeup console to rock all the trends. 


We had a blast jotting down all the necessary tips to pull on the colored contact lenses with the latest makeup trends of 2020. We at, TTDEYE have a wide range of collections to suit all your needs. Be it a subtle pair of grey lenses or an interesting rainbow-colored mystic lens, we have it all and they are all up for grabs. 


We would love for you to check out our Instagram @ttd_eye for more inspirations. The limitless opportunities are just a few clicks away. 


Hopefully, we have been able to give you the most of your time. If you like what you read, go ahead and share it with your friends.