Real Series - Real Crystal

25.03.2022 | Susan | Product Review

Today I would recommend Real Crystal to you.

It belongs our Real Series.  Real Series is very popular in our products.  It can show well on dark eyes. Real Crystal has a color between gray and light blue.  It shows a mystery feeling that but not strange.

Now we will show you two models's photos with Real Crystal.

First one, a beautiful girl @hiso.neko

Now we can have a look at his review in her Instagram:.

"Comfort: 9/10
While I haven't gotten to wear these for a long period of time yet, they do seem quite comfortable! I could see them getting a bit dry after a few hours but that's normal.

Color: 10/10
I'm sure it goes without saying that these lenses are SUPER vibrant!! It's so hard to find truly bright icy blue lenses that not only show up on dark eyes, but also still look relatively natural!
In the way of enlargement, there isn't really any which is exactly what I wanted anyway! I plan on using these for Selene from Underworld eventually and I think they'll be perfect for her or any look that calls for eyes that stand out! These are definitely now among my favorites and I'd highly recommend them. If you want some for yourself, please be sure to use the link in my bio and use the code "hiso.neko" for a discount! Thank you for reading.~"

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The second one, also a nice girl! @_natsu_cosplay

Yeah!  You can see the color of Real Crystal showing so nature on their eyes. And many people like it, because there is a black circle in it. It makes eye color more layered. There is a strong contrast between black and gray.  When People see your eyes, they will soon be attracted to you.

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