Popular Amazing Eye Make-up Ideas For Festival 2020

09.03.2023 | Berry | TTDeye Care

Festival 2020 is around the corner, and like previous years you'll want to look your best even with your contact lens on. Here we have eye make-up inspiration ideas that will spice things up.

Make-up Ideas For Festival 2020


Your make-up tops the list of essential outfits in any festival. Eye make-up is undoubtedly fun, especially if it gets to match with your personality and occasion. 


Unfortunately, it can be tricky finding the best inspiration, and whether you're an expert or a beginner, everybody has their likes and dislikes. 


Worry less if you wear contact lenses, below here, we have popular amazing eye make-up ideas for the festival 2020. Let's kick-off the discussion right away.


1. Glossy eye-shadow

The Glossy eyeshadow is popular, and a lot of models, as well as celebrities are embracing this appeal.

This eye make-up idea will give your eyes a shiny gloss, and the good news is that you can achieve it at home.

The first step is to put on your contact lenses before any make-up application. Then, prime the lids so as to have a smooth and fine canvas for the make-up. 

Next, apply the eyeshadow, and the advantage of glossy lids is that you can choose any color. 

For that metallic appeal and finish, you can do some touch ups with jewelry and colorful powders.

A purple color accompanied by a glitter eye shadow is more intense and a must-try for the AFROPUNK FEST which is a cultural event held annually in Brooklyn, Newyork.


2. Bold colors

Bold colors are casual and a favorite for any events such as parties and outings. However, it wouldn't hurt if you choose this make-up idea for the Hot 97 Summer Jam in East Rutherford. It will surely add some pop to your eye color especially with your contact lenses on.


If you love cat eyes, then this will impress you because it's trending now and everyone wants to spot such a look.


You can start with a cat-eye by applying an eye-line and wing out. Additionally, you can coat the lashes with bold mascara.


3. The purple eye-liner

Most people love purple, and a quick scroll in social media feeds reveals that it's the color of choice for many events.


There is a lot lined up for the Burning Man festival. You too can steal the show by pulling off the purple eye-liner and guess what? It's easier to make, and the highlight of all is the mix of other colors and mascara for topping off the look. 


Therefore, get the purple eye-liner and rock the festival in style. For your eyes to pop, use bright eye-liners, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you achieve a graphic appeal. 


Finally, to hide any dark circles below the eyes, tap with silver glitters for that final look.


4. The Winged look with gold accents

Everybody loves the winged make-up look, and no wonder it's the latest trend. However, it's no mean feat achieving this appeal and requires some creativity. For a livelier look, you can choose more than one color.


The best part is detailing with a touch of gold accents to make the eye look more glamorous. 


Other than gold, you can still achieve a fancier look by alternating different colors, and your eyes will have full color. Why not wear this make-up during the Electric Forest festival this year? 


5. Color mix

Electric Zoo in Randall Island is nostalgic and a multi-color eye is a great idea. It gives you the freedom to choose your preferred combination of colors. 


Be it yellow, red, gold, orange, or any other color, these will surely give you a radiant look.


To get that look, start by priming your lid as this helps keep the make-up on your skin longer. Apply the eyeshadow and allow the graphic eye-line to take center stage. 


You can coat with a matte-shadow for simplicity. Lastly, dot away and allow your creativity to take shape. 


You can choose your shade and draw dots to highlight a graphical element. Finally, coat your eyes with some lash lifting mascara.



6. The green eye-shadow appeal

Most people go for purple; however, you can try something different by opting for green. Brighter eye-shadows are the hottest trends for the Austin City Limits Music Festival this year.


Green has more vibe and will give you a swankier appeal, whether it's daytime or at night.


7. The rainbow look

Are you looking for the perfect make-up idea for Pitchfork Music Festival? This look has a mix of different colors and is more like an eye rainbow that will surely make heads turn.  It’s surely a perfect wear during the annual musical Lollapalooza festival at the end of July.


It's not for the feeble-hearted since to rock this style requires some effort and creativity. The choice of colors is a make or break and will surely liven up the occasion.



8. The magical Christmas appeal

Forget the usual normal eye and achieve this trendy eye-makeup look during the Christmas festivities at the close of the year. 


The Christmas eye-makeup idea is nostalgic in that it's for the fairies. It's glitterier, especially with the unique combination of colors that create some abundance.


It's time to create this look and doesn't have to be complicated. After applying gross, dust with glitters, gems, and different colors on your eye.


9. The girl-next-door make-up idea

If you like simplicity, then this is the best eye-makeup idea for the Desert Daze Festival in Moreno Beach California later in the year. It's simple and will make you look like a little goddess. 


You can apply a single color on the edges of your eyes and crown your lashes with warm color tones. Match with gems, gold accents, and jewelry to create a glowing appeal that will make heads turn.


10.  The twinkle eye

The best thing about attending festivals is that you can go the extra mile. With the SXSW 2020 festival just around the corner, you can choose to roll in glitter and style while staying fashionable. 


You'll love the detailing that adds flavor to the look and makes it a suitable festival appeal.

This make-up idea will make your eyes stand out and bring out colorful and brighter eyelashes. 


For contact lens wearers, you can apply mascara, eyeshadow, or eyeliner. For safety concerns, always remember to clean your hands before any makeup application. 


Whether you want to wear falsies or apply brighter mascara, this look is a great choice for festival 2020. Even better, you can create this look regardless of your make-up skills.

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Final words

Festival 2020 makeup ideas can be summarized as fun, imaginative, and creative. Sadly, most people end up spending thousands of dollars to achieve that glamorous and wild festival appeal. 


Fortunately, the time to shine is now, and with the above super bold ideas, you can pull the best looks this year.


By just mixing color and adding a touch of creativity, you'll get the much-needed sparkle to liven up the event.