Polar lights Blue gray

24.03.2022 | Wilson | Eye Fashion Product Review

Polar lights Series

We have repeatedly experimented with the Korean factory 16 times, research and development for a year before finally listed.  Stunning but not grandiose, color and texture reduction degree are higher than 95%.  Even close examination of the pupil texture will not be able to see traces of wearing contacts, no black edge, to make people think you are born this way!

The focus is on the most comfort level, not grinding eyes tears, wearing a day will not dry.

Now we have a look at Polar lights Blue gray, a mysterious color. It is a mixture of cyan and gray, so when you see it, you can’t tell the real feeling of it for the first time. A little bright and a little hazy.

Thanks to @yourstylishself for taking photo for us. Really nice! The eyeshadow of dark green is very good to cooperate with the luster of the beauty of the beauty, golden star adorn also make the whole makeup look more dazzling.

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