Naked heat-colored contact lenses best suited

07.04.2024 | Sophia | TTDeye Care



Urban Decay's new Naked Heat Palette may be the most popular color palette in the beauty world, within 13 hours of its launch, it has been completely sold out. Apparently warm-tuned-collection is pretty hot and suitable for many different kinds of lenses. Naked Heat is filled with 12 shadows ranging from a pink-toned nude to coppery brown, including OUNCE (ivory shimmer), CHASER (light nude matte), SAUCED (soft terra-cotta matte), LOW BLOW (brown matte), LUMBRE (copper shimmer w/gold pearl shift), HE DEVIL (burnt red matte), DIRTY TALK (metallic burnt red), SCORCHED (metallic deep red w/gold micro-shimmer), CAYENNE (deep terra-cotta matte), EN FUEGO (burgundy matte), ASHES (deep reddish-brown matte(deep metallic copper-burgundy). UD calls it an "auburn-inspired, warm, steamy, sultry set of colors."

“What I love about this palette is that you’ve got so many different tones in here that you can either mix together or mix with other things to make a difference.” says Zomnir. I think the other thing Zomnir said is eye contact lenses, which can make you look gorgeous. Using different colors of eye contact lenses to match different makeup is like making the finishing point, in fact, eye contact lenses always play a key role.

  1. warm-toned look with brown eye contact




This is a very soft warm-toned look, take peach pink as the background, decorate the eyes with fine flash, most important of all, the star brown eye contact lenses. To begin, paint the eyes with primer and use the peachy reds and shades with gold pearl shift—"Lumbre," "Dirty Talk," and "Scorch." To complete the look, apply "Lumbre" along the lower lash line.


  1. Smokey eyes with green eye contact lenses




Compared with previous makeup, the makeup would look deeper. On the choice of cosmetic products, we choose cool colors like polar lights brown eye contact lenses. In order to complete the makeup, we should choose more of the neutral shades in the palette. First of all, apply "Sauced" all over the lid to the crease, and also use it outwards to the brow in a flared-out motion. Next, add" Low Blow" to the crease and down to the outer corners of the eyes. In the end, take" Chaser" and apply it under the brows for the smoky effect.



This whole makeup feels like a fairy, deep blue eyes makes people more noble and elegant, irregular pupil is like sea wave, full of uncertainty. In this makeup ,choice of lenses is particularly important, the mystery blue lenses is a good choice. To begin with, apply "Cayenne" all over the lid and then "Ashes" along the lash line and into the crease. Next, apply "Scorched" to the center of the lids and to the inner corners of the eyes. Finally, take a brush to apply "Ember" along the lower lash line.

After reading so many methods of eye shadow drawing, do you get it? Surely you must be attracted to these beautiful eye contact lenses, but don’t save money, there is only a pair of beautiful eyes that between you and goddess.