How to Get the Same Eye Colors Like Seventeen and New Jeans at Music Awards?

10.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Celebrity Beauty

At the end of every year, a large number of music awards will be held, making every K-pop fan incredibly excited. In the awards ceremony at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, many idols are full of trophies in their bags.

Obviously, it is the stage that people are most interested in. They attracted many new fans not only with their powerful dance and moving songs but also with various attractive looks. This also includes different contacts. Let’s take a look at some of the idol’s colored contacts and help you find a similar style at TTDEYE!

Seventeen at Golden Disk Awards

Seventeen had been one of the artists to take to their stage with a truly spectacular show at the 2023 Golden Disk Awards. Not only did they perform their 2022 hit song “HOT”, but they also performed “Don Quixote” for the first time on stage, which blow CARATs’ minds that night.

On that night, the members performed “HOT”, “CHEERS”,“_WORLD” and “DON QUIXOTE” on stage with neat suits, which made their powerful dance even more stunning. The heavy and dark eye makeup makes the members more attractive under the stage lights, and several of them wear colored contact lens that makes it impossible for people to move their eyes off them. Jun, Hoshi, and The8 all wore grey tone contacts to lighten up their eye makeup. We recommend Pper Grey, Vanilla Grey, and JK Grey to get the same effect. These two styles are all natural for everyday looks.

Congratulations again to Seventeen for winning the Best Album Award and Best Performance Award for GDA.

New Jeans at MMA

Speaking of rookies this year, New Jeans is definitely a dark horse. At this year’s MMA, they not only won the New Artist of the Year, but also performed three hit songs, namely “Cookie”, “Hype Boy”, and “Attention” on stage. As rookies, outstanding performance allows the girls to shine on stage. A brighter future is ahead of them.

The group is known to have captured the hearts of many young girls with their Y2K looks. In this show, they also used their unique style to make everyone recognize them among the artists. For female artists, of course, contacts are indispensable. The members of New Jeans all wore contacts with a dark limbal ring and natural shades. TTDeye Nomi Collection, Bailey Collection, and Wisp Hazel have limbal rings to naturally enlarge your eyes and give you cute doll eyes like New Jeans girls.

 Ive at MAMA

In less than a year since their debut, Ive was honored with five awards at 2022 MAMA, including the Song of the Year. With three singles released this year, their hard work has earned them such an honor.

Their light pink look matched their image and performance perfectly. Members wore different colored contact lenses to fit their eye makeup. You can grab TTDeye Wisp Hazel for the similar lens of Leeseo, Rome Brown, and Ailurus Brown for a similar lens of Rei, and TTDeye Himalaya Grey or Magic Grey for a similar lens of Gaeul. As for Won Young's dark blue eyes, Daisy Blue and Morpho Butterfly Blue can have a similar effect.

Stray Kids at MAMA

Stray Kids was also honored with three awards at this MAMA. Their release of Maniac this year made them a big hit once again. They also brought a stage of venom and maniac on this year’s MAMA stage. Fans couldn’t get over the insane energy and creativity of the stage.

The all-black stage costumes made them look really crazy and made the stage more shocking. We can’t ignore the impact of contacts on their expression acting. Felix wore blue-greyish contacts for a more exotic vibe. HD Blue will be a perfect choice. He also wore different colors at Gayo Daejeon SBS 2022, which makes STAYs call him a cat with different pupils. Himalaya Grey and Wisp Hazel can be perfect to copy this unique look.

As for Hyunjin’s grey eyes, you can grab Nana Grey and Vanilla Grey for a similar effect. Han’s subtle blue eyes make him cute and attractive at the same time. TTDeye Iris Blue can do a similar thing for you.


LE SSERAFIM won “Best Performance: Female” and the “Hot Trend Award” for this MMA. Their stage has surpassed 1 million views on Youtube, which is very difficult for rookie groups. Their dance break practice video also hit over 1 million views. All K-pop fans can feel their energy and passion through their powerful stage as a girl group.

Their makeup makes them more like spies glittering in the dark. It also makes their dance movements more powerful and clean. The members are wearing similar contacts, which have a dark limbal ring and subtle grey or brown shade. Night Grey and Polar Lights II Collection can be your choice.