How to Choose Colored Contact Lens for HALLOWEEN

07.04.2024 | Samantha | TTDeye Care



The Halloween is approaching. Are you working on your costume for that day? Maybe, you are thinking about what kind of cloth to wear. However, let me tell you that a colored contact lens can make your dress up more attractive. So the question is how to choose contact lens for Halloween?

The first thing you should take into consideration is safety. Eyes are the windows to soul. No one want to harm it, right? So, I list some dos and dons when you wear a pair of contact lens.

Do have an eye examination to find out whether the contact lens fit well. Maybe you don’t have feeling of uncomfortable, but an examination can avoid thing wrong happen in the future.


Do take out the lens when you feel uncomfortable. Such as your eyes become red or a sense of something in your eyes.


Do clean your hand before you put contact lens into your eyes. If you used to not clean your hand, one day you have touch something spice and you forgot to clean, maybe your eyes may feel uncomfortable.

Do not clean your contact lens with water. Not only tap water can’t clean your contact lens but also purified drinking water and other forms water. There is special solution to clean contact lens.


After you find a store can meet the requirement of safe, you can start to think about what kind of colored contact you want to choose for Halloween.

The principle is you should choose a pair of contact lens that match with your costume. For example, if you want to dress up like a Wonder Woman, a pair of blue and shining decorate contact lens is essential.


The following one can be a good choice. It can match with your costume well and if you wear it on casual day, it would not be weird. The water content and central thickness are meeting the standard. So it may be comfortable to wear. By the way, if you are the first time wear it, please remember don’t wear it over 4 hours.

Maybe you have your unique viewpoint about how to choose colored contact lens for Halloween, just do as you think. Always remember, safety is the most important.


However, may be you want to choose those traditional costumes. Such as vampire, ghost and so on. Because there are so many characters you can dress up that I can list the suitable colored contact lens one by one. Thus, I find a passage to help you.