Eye Makeup Trends of 2024- YOU MUST SEE

18.09.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion

Eye makeup has been trending for several years now. It was an essential part of transformative looks. In recent years, more makeup artists have become increasingly overwhelmed with eye makeup. Beauty bloggers and influencers all over the world are experimenting with eye makeup and giving us glamour and inspirational content to adapt to our everyday lives.

Jumping on the bandwagon, let us show you some of our favorite eye makeup trends in 2024. If you’re looking for the best makeup trends for next spring and beyond, whether it’s bold eye makeup or a daily eye look, we’ve got you covered. Most importantly, we will recommend colored contact lenses for different eye makeups. If you want to pop your eye look up, keep reading.

Graphic Eyeliner

The makeup look dominated the fashion runways and will be everywhere this year. Skip the eyeshadow and create a futuristic look with some graphic liner that has become the trend. Go all out with multiple lines, keep things sharp with a bold cat eye, or go the playful route and accent your liner with pops of neon hues. Recently, makeup artists and Instagram experts have taken the classic cat-eye wing to a whole new level.

It is an artistic, visually stimulating way of applying eyeliner and eyeshadow. Graphic eyeliner can look both retro or modern and galactic. Graphic eyeliner involves using eyeliner pens, powders, and gels to make heavy lines, shapes, dots, metallic swooshes, glitter, layered lines, and even tiny pom-poms to create a visually stunning work of art to frame the eyes and draw attention to them.

Here are some graphic liners ideas created by our talented makeup artists and the colored contact lenses they use to pop their eye makeup up. Try one if you are obsessed with these dramatic liners.

TTDeye Polar Lights Grey

TTDeye Valerian Blue 

TTDeye Bailey Brown

TTDeye Nomi Brown

TTDeye Trinity Brown

TTDeye Snowflake Black

TTDeye NASA Purple

Euphoria Eye Look

2024 loves glitter. Euphoria may be what initially sparked this trend, but thanks to the resurgence of everything Y2K—specifically the bedazzled craze—it’s here to stay.

Season 2 of Euphoria ended on February 27 of this year, but many people are still inspired by every winged eyeliner, rainbow eye look, and 90s makeup trend that graced our screens in seasons one and two of the series. We compiled some Euphoria-inspired makeup looks you should also copy asap, whether you’re just equally obsessed with bold eye looks or are planning a stunning party costume.

Whether you adorn your brows with some jewels and shiny glitter or place them strategically on and around your eyelids, there’s no wrong way to rock this look. For the best results, try mapping out your jewel placement with liquid liner first, so you have something to go off of.

All that glitters is gold when it comes to this eye makeup trend. This trend gained popularity with the launch of the series called Euphoria. The shimmery aesthetic of the characters made with liquid eyeshadow gives your eyes depth and dimension. Find the same contacts our makeup artist use:

TTDeye Egypt Yellow-Green

TTDeye Egypt Blue

TTDeye Real Khaki

TTDeye Polar Lights Grey

TTDeye Secret Garden Blue

TTDeye NASA Blue

Neon Graphic Eyeliner

Neon graphic eyeliner is one of the most popular trends for 2024 because it can be a whole makeup look on its own, no eyeshadow blending required. It might take you a few tries to perfectly recreate. Of course, you need a very neon color liquid eyeliner and vibrant colored contacts to match this easy but not boring eyeliner idea.

If someone is totally fine with wearing a regular black cat-eye and then taking, let’s just say, a neon yellow, and right up against the outer side of the cat-eye, just drawing along the edge of it with that neon yellow, it changes the look completely. A lot of people dig a pop of color at the end of the cat-eye. You can also explore and see what you could do with the colors. Instead of outlining just the edge of the cat-eye, you can try outlining the entire thing for beginners. Then try to create some little shapes and play with colors around your works to make your neon liners more vibrant.

Here are the colored contact lenses in the pic:

TTDeye Taylor Grey

TTDeye Egypt Purple

TTDeye Egypt Blue

TTDeye Egypt Blue

TTDeye Triz Brown

TTDeye Polar Lights Grey

TTDeye Yummy Brown

TTDeye Rio Brown

Winged Eyeliner

Perfectly winged eyes are a work of art that needs skill and patience. And if you are a beginner, learning how to do winged eyeliner should be on top of your to-do list. Perfect wings add drama to your eyes. They add a touch of sexy and elegance to your look and accentuate your facial features.

This can easily be done with a gel liner and a brush, or even easier, a gel eyeliner pencil. Draw a smooth, clean line and flick the wing up on the outer corner to lift your eye. If your hands always shaking when you are drawing these lines, you can go to search for some hacks on YouTube to help you have a smooth eyeliner. If one wing is good, then two wings are better! Try applying your regular wing liner and at the outer corner of your eye add an extra flick above the first one for an extra interesting look. Make the rest of your makeup minimal to keep the attention on your eyes.

The winged eyeliner look allows you to mix and match colors as you wish, whether the colored contacts or eye shadow. We recommend that decide what color contacts to use according to your eye shadow. Look how influencers are using the TTDEYE Colored Contacts with their winged eyeliner.

Here are the colored contact lenses our muas choose:

TTDeye HD Blue

TTDeye Pper Brown

TTDeye Polar Lights Grey

TTDeye Kitten Blue

TTDeye Havana Blue-Grey

TTDeye Morpho Butterfly Blue

TTDeye JK Green

Anime Eyes

Fan of manga? Anime dramas like Naruto have been winning the hearts of millennials and Gen Z alike. Beauty creators now have started creating anime eye makeup look to match their favorite characters. For your strong, brave looks, anime eye makeup is the one to go for. In recent years there has been a lot of new series, how about choosing one of your favorite characters to complete your anime makeup with TTDEYE fancy anime contact lenses?

Here are some hot cosplay lenses of TTDEYE in 2024. Expect you to become an anime character in real life. Some lenses are not only available for cosplay, but also for everyday makeup if you want a doll-like effect to enlarge your eyes and pop your eyes up. The lenses with limbal ring will help you have bigger eyes.

TTDeye Bailey Green

TTDeye Libra

TTDeye Virgo

TTDeye Mystery Red

TTDeye Succubus' Eye

TTDeye Rio Blue

TTDeye Macaron Purple