Eye Colour And Personality: Understand What Colour and Tones of Contact Lenses Suit You Best

15.11.2023 | Leah | TTDeye Care

There’s no denying that eye color and personality give an impression of your overall appearance. But, the fact cannot be ignored that your eye color is the result of the total concentration of melanin in the iris of the eye. Moreover, the eye color tells a lot about your forefathers & ancestry along with your current state of health as well. It should be noted that some eye colors are trendy, while others can be rare and thereby hard to find. Besides, you can even find a person with two distinct colored irises in each eye. Thus, the following are some significant eye color facts that you should know.

1. Pure Black Eyed People Face is Dependable and Trustworthy

When it comes to dependability and trustworthiness, dark-eyed people will never disappoint. They are quite practical & hardworking by nature and are always optimistic, along with being equally passionate. So, if you want people to perceive the same as you opt for this color contact lens.

2. Light/Medium Brown Eyed People Are Very Helpful

People having light/medium brown eyes go out of their way to help the ones that are in need. They're always self-confident, and determined, though at times it can be challenging to express themselves. Moreover, these are the people that you can always trust as your partner or lover. Try some Light/Medium Brown contact lenses out and flaunt your inner beauty.

3. Dark Brown Eyed People Tend To Show More Leadership

Dark-brown eyes have been associated with several pronounced personality traits. The first is that dark-eyed people are often perceived as agreeable by others, which makes them conducive to teamwork. Because others see them as congenial, others are more likely to listen to what they have to say and follow their advice. Other qualities that dark-eyed people can reinforce is their natural tendency to lead, with brains that are quick to react, and superior skill in tracking targets with their eyes.

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4. Hazel Eyed People Are Very Adventurous And Courageous 

Hazel-eyed people can be termed as a fantastic mixture of grey and brown colors and thereby has the most elegant looks. These people are fun-loving, positive, and always up for adventures. It's quite magnificent to see that hazel-eyed people indeed have brave hearts and are incredibly courageous to try new things. Moreover, they have a sensual and mischievous side as well. They generally tend to go with the flow and thus can adapt to various situations quickly. So, if you are also one of them then hazel is your eye color. 

5. Dark Grey Eyed People Are Very Well-Balanced

Even though dark grey-eyed people show an energetic demeanor, they're indeed quite wise and gentle. They don't fool around much and are very serious when it comes to either their personal life or professional career. Furthermore, they're exceptionally well-balanced people. 

6. Light Grey Eyed People Are Highly Wary About Their Surroundings

It should be remembered that light grey-eyed people have less melanin in their eyes and are always wary about the people they meet and talk to. They always keep their guard up against exterior elements and won't let anyone enter their lives easily. But, once they trust a person, they'll easily open up to him or her and thereby tend to show the person a sense of greater affection. So, try these light colors and let people know how affectionate you are.

7. Blue-Eyed People Experience The Longest Relationships

Blue-eyed people are generally smart, kind, and peaceful. They tend to be full of life & youth, which is why they always experience the longest-run relationships as well. Furthermore, their eye color is also one of the most desirable ones on planet earth. They possess excellent concentration skills, along with being a fantastic strategist. If you possess any such trait, then the blue color contact lenses are perfect for you.

8. Green-Eyed People Exudes Vibrancy And Youthfulness

Green-eyed people can be described as a perfect blend of blue and brown colors. These people tend to be cautious most of the time, but internally, they're quite strong. They're a breath of fresh air and have a sense of mystery around them. Aside from that, they're curious, intelligent, and always pursue life very passionately. They're also the most desirable and attractive people you'd find because of their youthfulness, compassion, and vibrancy. Try green color contact lenses and let your inner beauty reflect on others.

Choosing The Correct Coloured Contacts For Light And Dark-Colored Eyes

For Light Coloured Eyes

In case you're planning to change your overall appearance in a subtler fashion, then going for the green, blue, aqua, pink, or grey colored contact lenses would be a better fit. Such a tint should deepen your natural eye color and the edges of your iris. For example, if your eyes are blue, then opting for the above shades is highly recommended.

Comparatively, if you want to look much more dramatic than usual and want others to notice your eye color, then the best option for you would be to choose a warm-colored contact lens. Such colors include light brown, gold, violet, or chocolate shades - as these colors will make your eyes pop. 

Additional Tips

Apart from the natural shades mentioned above, you can also proceed to use enhancement contact lenses. Enhancement contact lenses are for those users who don't like swapping the color of their iris. Instead, they want to highlight their natural eye colors by adding various light effect patterns to their iris.

Such lenses will help you draw more attention to your eyes without going too much over the top. Examples include Natural Contacts or Enlarge Contacts from TTDeye.

For Dark Coloured Eyes

If you have darker eyes, then opting for opaque-colored contact lenses would be the best fit. In case you want a natural-looking shade, then hazel, chocolate, blue, or light honey-brown colored contact lenses would be the perfect fit.

Alternatively, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to purchase contact lenses in vivid-looking colors. These colors include green, white, purple, orange, yellow, violet, or blue. Bright-colored lenses such as these will have a more dramatic appearance if your complexion is dark.

Additional Tips

Another thing to note is that - when you're choosing opaque contact, ensure that you also take your skin tone and hair color into consideration. Cooler skin tones such as blue or pink undertones will need contacts of violet or blue and the like. Similarly, warmer skin tones of olive or yellow undertone will require contacts of green, brown, or honey colors.

Alternatively, if you have blonde hair, then your hair color would be best suited for contacts that are green, blue, or light brown. However, if you have darker hair color, then you need to choose contacts that are honey, blue, green, or violet.

Lastly, if you've got black hair, you can easily make your eyes pop using colors such as green and blue. Green and blue colored contact lenses also work with people who have red hair.

Knowing The Differences Between Various Colour Tones In Contact Lenses

1-Tone Or Single Tone Contact Lenses

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Polar Lights Collection

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Queen Collection

Single-tone colored contact lenses are great for users who want to alter their eye color in a subtle and natural fashion. If you're someone who has light-colored eyes, then single-tone lenses will help in darkening the hues of your eyes and thereby make them look more intense. These types of lenses are built in such a manner that when you are wearing them, they'll look natural on your eyes. But, for others, such a look would be striking enough to warrant a second glance. Moreover, they help maintain the right balance between obtaining beautiful-looking eyes without going over the top.

Colors recommended: Brown, black, blue, and grey.

2-Tone Or Double Tone Contact Lenses

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Himalaya Collection

Crystal Ball Collection

Iris Collection

In case you're looking to incorporate beauty along with some sparkling effect on your eyes, then double-tone lenses might be your best fit. These lenses can be found in a variety of colors and can add a sense of elegance and uniqueness to the wearer's eyes. It doesn't matter whether you've got light-colored or dark-colored eyes - these lenses will provide you with the personality that you've always wanted.

Depending on the overall design and effect of the lenses, double-tone contacts can provide you with a fresh and youthful look. Therefore, pick a color that suits your personality.

Colors recommended: Combinations of Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Violet, Golden Blue, Grey, and Violent Hues. 


3-Tone Or Tri-Tone Contact Lenses

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Huda Collection

Trinity Collection

Nana Collection

If you're on the lookout for a classy and bold-looking colored lens, these are your best option. They incorporate three different color shades into one contact lens. Thereby, a natural and unique sparkling effect can be seen in the wearer's eyes. Besides, these lenses will improve upon your natural eye color, giving a brilliant overall shine.

Furthermore, with tri-tone contact lenses, you’ll be able to provide your eyes with the right amount of elegance and sweetness.

Colors recommended: Combinations of Blue, Grey, Brown, Green, and Violet colors.


4-Tone Contact Lenses

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 Secret Garden Collection

You can quickly bring out the inner beauty in yours with a beautiful-looking 4-tone contact lens. This is the highest quality option you can get in terms of looks and design. These lenses are designed to maximize the overall essence of the wearer's face and eyes. Moreover, there's also a wide selection of 4-tone lenses that you can easily choose from, all of which are sweet and stunning to look at. 

The overall concept of combining four different colors into a single shade would greatly help in bringing a subtle yet contrasting look to the lenses' appearance. Thereby the resultant appearance will show off the natural beauty in your eyes and also improve upon the same.

Colors recommended: Combinations of brown, grey, blue, hazel, violet, green, and creamy hues.


Even though these facts are fascinating to read, at the end of the day, no matter what color your eyes are - you need to take care of them, and that too in the proper fashion. Always treat your eyes well and keep them shielded from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Furthermore, you can visit your eye doctor for regular check-ups as well.