Dream Lens-Gradient Amber Gray

11.03.2024 | Jessica | Eye Fashion

Okidoki guys, time for my review of the lenses I received from @ttdeye !!!

Gradient Amber Grey from TTDeye's Dream collection
Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Color: 5/5
I really love the color of these contacts. They're fun an not fake looking.The colors show well and I'm really loving the Amber center.
Comfort: 4/5
I've had these contacts on for 4 hours, however, they are already a bit irritable and make my eyes feel just a little dry.
Design: 5/5
The dotted design works great with my blue eyes! The dots help blend the color of the lenses with my natural eye color nicely. The darker outer rim dots help to give a more natural look rather than just a black line.
Overall: 4/5
Love these contacts and can't wait to wear them more, just wish they were more a bit more comfortable. However, it also just depends on the day so if I find them to be more comfortable as I wear them more I'll make sure to update my review.

When @ttdeye asked me to review one of their lenses they were so kind and every time we talked they were very friendly and helpful. I loved how easy it was to communicate with them! But I will mention one thing about their site is that it does not give specifics on the exact size, water content, and a few other things for each contact which concerned me.
Overall I really enjoyed trying once of their contact lensesand am already thinking of trying another pair, this time from their natural selection!


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