Contact Lenses Recommendation for Cute Alt Girls

What is Alt makeup?

Alternative makeup is the latest makeup trend to hit the scene, and it’s all about embracing an edgy, rocker aesthetic. Basically, it’s perfect for anyone looking to convey a bit of attitude with their makeup style. It’s all about embracing a hybrid rocker, punk, and indie style.  

The perfect balance between bold and girly, we’re obsessed with the combination of E-girl and alternative makeup looks. Nowadays, a large number of beauty influencers like to use eyeliners and pop colors to highlight their makeup. Pinky and purple eye look become more popular in this “Alternative Family”.

When it comes to E-girl and alt makeup, it is essential to put on the correct contact lenses to pop the colors up. Want to get in on the action? Check out how our talented makeup artists combine their alt makeup ideas with TTDEYE colored contacts to show off their edgy attitude! 

Constellation Collection

Constellation collection is one of the most popular series for alt girls. This collection has a wide range of color choices, twelve colors to meet your different makeup needs.

Ten styles from this collection are made up of three colors that will give you anime-like eyes. A few of them in purple, blue, and pink are the favorites of the alt makeup artists. Not only do they cover your eyes perfectly, but they also go with a variety of cute E-girl makeup to transform you into a cute alt girl. Libra and Capricorn are two models that are made up of two tones. In addition, the lenses in this series are printed with the corresponding zodiac sign, so see if the lenses for your zodiac sign are your favorite color scheme.

If you want to draw a certain color of alt makeup and don’t know what lenses to buy, this collection will allow you to spend less time choosing and won’t make you disappointed. @deniicmakeup and @dubu.lette combine the black liners with Virgo and Aires, which give them a stunning look. @naye_xjunk_ choose Sagittarius as the eye-catcher for her creative white starry liners and dreamy eye shadow. Trust me, no matter what kind of amazing alt makeup you want to design, there’s always a perfect one in the Constellation collection. Check here for all 12 styles 👉 TTDEYE CONSTELLATION COLLECTION.

Yummy Collection

This series of contacts is one we would highly recommend for those who want doll-effect eyes. First of all, it has a very pronounced black dotted line around the outer ring, which helps to enlarge your eyes very effectively. Secondly, the colors in this series are very pigmented, so they can change your eye color perfectly. They are very suitable to wear with some colorful makeup. If you’re looking for something to brighten up your alt makeup look, choose one from the yummy collection!

Whether you are addicted to Y2K or alt makeup, these lenses with amazing colors will pop your eyes up. @sammy_kechappu wears these lenses with her unique style that makes Yummy contacts find the right one. Looking for your masterpiece with the Yummy collection with your alt makeup? Check here for all shades of Yummy 👉TTDEYE YUMMY COLLECTION.

Magic Collection

Conjure up an adorable elf look with these bright Magic contacts! Black circle and stamen-like inner ring inlay vibrant shades in between, these contact lenses are sure to make you stand out from any cosplay or Halloween party. Don’t hesitate anymore, wear TTDeye Magic Colored Contact Lenses and cast your spell!

The lenses of these lenses have also got many E-girls’ hearts with their large diameter. Although the lenses of this series are single-toned, they still stand out by their excellent pop color. The short black radial lines around the pupil make your pupil look like Barbie in real life.

@aurora_danahi17 got Magic Pink and Magic Blue for her two different styles of alt makeup with creative liner. The blue and pink fit perfectly. @imlenex and choose Magic Grey and Magic Brown as more natural pairs for their gorgeous alt looks. Check all lenses from Magic Collection here👉 TTDEYE Magic Collection.

Macaron Collection

Ready to get the sweet new look with TTDeye Macaron Collection Colored Contact Lenses? Similar to different tastes of macaron, these amazing lenses will make you focus attention on any occasion, especially for the creative alt look. In the meanwhile, the design of the big diameter, both the inner and outer ring, creates a strong enlarging effect. You’ll definitely love the finish and how the color pops out!

Macaron Pink is increasingly becoming the new favorite among the alt makeup artist. @dubu.lette and @sapplesauce666 give their pink eyes graphic liners as decorations to finish their alt makeup, which makes their looks stand out from others. @dasaurio_rex get dreamy starry eye makeup with the Macaron Pink. @paoputess choose Macaron Purple and change her eyes into dark purple ones to finish this cool look. With the Macaron collection, you’re sure to have the color you want. Check here for all shades👉TTDEYE Macaron Collection.

Kitty Pink

In recent years, Hello Kitty has been favored by many makeup artists. Whether in Y2K looks or E-girls makeup, you can see this cute pink cartoon character.

As an inspiration for many makeup artists, kitty cat makes pink makeup less monotonous and boring. TTDEYE will not miss the opportunity to keep you up with the trends. Kitty Pink is the lens with the bow tie and cat's beard, the classic symbol of a kitty cat, printed on it. And with light pink as the main shade, these lenses will make your eyes also become the highlight of the pink makeup. @_tero._, @berenichii, @julianna.mur, and @v1xie really show the different styles of Kitty Pink. Looking forward to your cute kitty looks. Check here for purchase👉TTDEYE Kitty Pink.

Final Words

If you’re a fan of trends like goth makeup and E-girl makeup, you’ll be happy to hear that alternative makeup is a thing.

Basically, it’s perfect for anyone looking to convey a bit of attitude with their makeup style. To help you join in on this fancy movement, we’ve recommended these dreamy colored contacts for you to try. Pick one pair for your alt look!