How to make hooded eyes | Colored contacts recommendation

10.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care


Like the rest of the body, eyes come in all shapes and sizes, one of which is the hooded eyes. It is actually incredibly popular. Many people love such eye makeup, including some of the world's most stunning celebrities.

The hooded eye is characterized by excess skin folds down from brow to lashes, natural creases appeared hidden, and less visible eyelids. The key to hooded eye makeup is learning how to apply eyeshadow to your eyes for a wider effect and choosing a pair of colored lenses to make you look more awake.

In the following, I would show you the steps of hooded eye makeup with a picture, then I would like to talk about some details when we complete this makeup and some common errors you should avoid. 


Some tips:

Paint your eye shadow in a higher position than you might think. Most eyeshadow tips only ask eyeshadow to be brought up as high as your natural crease, yet when it comes to hooded eyes, things have changed. Actually, You need to apply color slightly above the crease so that you can see the color when your eyes are open. The trick here is, using a flame-pleated-shape makeup brush apply eyeshadow from the eye fold to the brow bone. This will put a shadow on the protruding hood and create the illusion of the hood receding.


DO’S & DON’TS of hooded eyes

Do use light matte shades on the crease, a mistake ladies with hooded eyelids often make is to wear a light sparkly color, this will highlight those hoods you intend to hide. Just a medium-toned color will be okay after that apply your light sparkly color on the eyelid. The second one, to create thin eyeliner, apply your eyeliner really close to the roots of your eyelashes, this will make your eyelashes look thicker and really help broaden your eyes. What’s more, don’t apply liner thick in the center of the eyelid, and don’t drag dark color into the lower brow or you will have sleepy eyes.

Whether you want to wear a night-out look or simply appear more bright-eyed for your day at the office, hooded eyes can both meet them and make you shine. You can adjust the range of eye shadow for different makeup. The makeup effects determine the color of the colored contact lenses.


To create the best day look, you can enhance the visible lid space, sweep a light shade across the entire lid, then blend a medium shade to crease, diffusing upwards. Mix up the line upper lashline with a dark matte shade, diffusing upwards at the outer corner. Blue-Green lenses add a sense of mystery and quietness to this makeup and match well with the eyeshadow color, perfect for everyday makeup.

If you are going to a formal occasion or want to put up a party queen makeup, apply a dark shade across the entire lid and a light shade to the brow bone and inner corner, blending upwards above the crease Brown contact lenses with patterns enhances your iris pattern with a golden shine. It combines 3 tones of brown, gold, and grey, gorgeously embellishing your eyes.