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10.08.2023 | Leah | Eye Fashion Recent Discount

Are you ready to get into the festive spirit? Check out these colored contacts with festival vibes to fill your Christmas with magic. Whether you want to dress as a classic Christmas character, take inspiration for your Christmas eye makeup, or are dressing up for a holiday event, TTDEYE has got you covered as have our colored contact lenses for adding that special finishing touch to your look.

TTDeye has compiled for you a list of Christmas lenses for your Christmas makeup. More information about the Christmas offer will be told at the end of the article, please keep reading.

Red Collection

As soon as December comes, red starts to take over every street. It’s hard to imagine a time when red and green weren’t synonymous with Christmas. Many Christians believe red and green were inspired by the life of Jesus, whose birth Christians celebrate on Christmas. Likewise, red represents the blood shed by Jesus Christ during his crucifixion.

Many historians believe the practice of using red and green goes even farther back in history. They point to the ancient Roman celebration of Saturnalia, which honored the god Saturn and occurred each year between December 17 and December 23. During the celebration, Romans would decorate their homes with holly and place small figurines called sigillaria on the boughs of evergreen trees. Over time, the evergreen leaves and red berries came to symbolize the festive and merry season.

Many makeup artists are using red as their main color for their Christmas looks. The Snow and Heat Miser makeup is one of the most popular Christmas looks for SFX makeup artists. One half features warm red tones while the other has cool blue tones. Enjoy experimenting with different effects to create features such as snowflakes and lava. One half features warm red tones while the other has cool blue tones. Enjoy experimenting with different effects to create features such as snowflakes and lava. @shannonkibblemua and @bynatalija present similar makeup with Mystery Red and Egypt Red, showing their own characteristics. You can also be the ice queen with Egypt Red, like how @al.osgard use it. Magic Red is more likely to give you an adorable doll effect. @imlenex used these lenses with red graphic eyeliner to make the look more unique and eye-catching. Try different color palettes on your skin!

Green Collection

Turns out, red and green aren't just a pretty pair—this color scheme has been associated with winter holidays for centuries.

Evergreen plants like holly and mistletoe are used at Christmastime to represent Christ’s life and eternal nature. In pagan times, they were a powerful reminder that nature keeps growing, even through the cold times. Green often symbolizes money, good luck and health through the holidays and into the new year.

If you are going to have some Christmas colors on your face for this holiday, then choose some green lenses for your look! @1.063 worn Himalaya Green with her Christmas eye makeup. @aseafawn finish this elaborate and eccentric candy cane makeup with Mystery Green. Iris Green and Bee Green can be your everyday wearing choices.

Blue Collection

Blue is not only the color of summer, but it also evokes the glaciers and snow of winter. What is more Christmas than a blanket of fresh white snow? (At least in the northern hemisphere!) It represents purity and the triumph of good over evil, two powerful themes at Christmastime.

Ice queen will be the best choice for those who want blue makeup. @patycantu38 wore Rio Blue for her three different blue Christmas looks. All of them are cute and festival vibe. You can’t miss our new lenses launched this winter! Blue Sapphire can be your choice if you are looking for dark blue lenses. This blue one can turn your eyes into charming sapphires. You do not need too many colors, just like @gallaec, with a simple blue eyeshadow with this pair of Blue Sapphire can also make you a snow queen. Valerian Blue and Egypt Blue can be your natural blue choice. Valerian Blue can make your eyes shine and look like the sea.

Pink Collection

This rich shade may not be at the top of your list when you think of Christmas colors, but it is getting more and more popular now. Now there is already a pink Christmas tree. Many Christmas decorations are also pink. You don’t have to decorate in classic red and green to spread Christmas cheer. Non-traditional holiday decor is one of the top Christmas decorating trends of 2022, so it’s no surprise that pink Christmas decorations are a popular choice this season.

This is not completely unrelated to the prevalence of the Y2K style. Dreamy pink can also be the main color of Christmas makeup. Highlight your cuteness. You can be the cutest elf like @loliminti with Macaroon Pink. You can have unique soft pink eyes with Juice Pink, which can wear for daily makeup. Ice Pink can be the pink lens for those who want a natural enlarged effect. The review from @virtualxdollx can be your reference. Supernatural one for daily outings. Luna Pink can also make your eyes dreamy.

Hazel Collection

If you look at pine cones and gingerbread men on your Christmas tree, then hazel is also a Christmas color that cannot be ignored. Hazel color will also remind people of various Christmas chocolates, a pair of hazel contacts can make your eyes like a winter doll.

If you are an SFX makeup artist, you can choose the same lens as @makeitjess did for the gingerbread men look. Starshine Doll Brown can be the perfect lens for those who want doll eyes with enlarged effects. @anamcruzm’s cute deer painting is so perfect for a Christmas outing! Just try to paint some simple Christmas patterns with Bohme Hazel contacts for natural dark brown eyes. If you are looking for natural lenses for an everyday look. Sunflower Brown and Trinity Brown can be your choice. @bynatalija and @ximenapedz are wearing them with their gorgeous looks. Try one to wow your friends at the Christmas party!

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