What Colored Contacts Are Best for Blue Eyes? Green or Grey

26.01.2024 | Lydia | Eye Fashion TTDeye Care

Wearing colored contact lenses for blue eyes unveils infinite possibilities for beauty. It can be difficult to decide with so many color options to choose from. You happen to be on the right page if you're reading this!

We not only list the best color contacts for those with blue eyes, but also offer insider tips on how to find the right shade for blue eyes. Read on to get more insights.

What Color Goes with Blue?

Complementary colors can make blue pop. Sitting across from blue on the color wheel, orange is its true complement. However, the blue color comes in various shades, such as baby blue, ice blue, sky blue, light blue, and dark blue. You should make the decision based on the precise shade of blue.

Here are some colors that go well with blue:

  • Light blue: Pairs well with shades of yellow, pink, lavender, and lilac.
  • Baby blue: Pairs well with complementary colors such as white, grey, peach, pink, and dark blue.
  • Sky blue: Pairs well when paired with jewel tones, cream, white, and gold.
  • Dark blue: Pairs well with pink and yellow.
  • Ice blue: Pairs well with forest green, ivory, cream, and dark brown.

What Colored Contact Lenses Are Best for Blue Eyes?

Multiple colored contacts work well on blue eyes. You can try and find the right lenses in these color ranges. These lenses are on the natural, everyday side. 📌 Halloween or cosplay contacts are designed with opaque tints, so you can choose any color you want, like red, black or white.

These colored contact lenses go well with blue eyes:

Best 2 Green Contacts for Blue Eyes

When deciding the precise shade of green, the key is to opt for a shade of green that complements the natural blue instead of overshadowing it. Colors like olive and jade work exceptionally well with blue eyes, especially in lighter shades such as ice blue and baby blue.

Green Contacts for Blue Eyes

1. Queen Green | 1 Year

TTDeye Queen Green Color Contacts have an olive green shade achieved by the blend of forest green and lemon yellow that perfectly pairs with ice blue eyes. You can expect a subtle yet effective transformation.

2. Ice Green | 1 Year

TTDeye Ice Green Colored Contact Lenses tend to be in a jade green hue, looking good on ice blue or baby blue eyes. The colored part transforms the eyes' natural hue and the subtle outer black ring adds depth.

Best 4 Grey Contacts for Blue Eyes

Grey colored contacts are perfect for those who desire a subtle yet striking change. The cool shade that grey contacts offer can make your blue eyes appear brighter. The lighter shades of grey, including silver, pearl, or crystal grey, work better on blue eyes.

Grey Contacts for Blue Eyes

3. Himalaya Grey | 1 Year

Himalaya Grey are 3-tone contact lenses, having light grey as the main base, pale yellow patterns, and a black outer ring. They can definitely make your blue eyes pop and bright.

4. Real Crystal | 1 Year

If you want your blue eyes to pop more, choose TTDeye Real Crystal. The sharp and striking crystal grey hues are what make your cool blue eyes bright. The light grey inside and dark grey edges help to create a realistic silhouette.

5. Pearl Grey | 1 Year

Pearl Grey Colored Contact Lenses blend 3 colors, including lemon yellow patterns, light grey main base, and dark grey limbal ring. The mixing of these colors produces pearl grey, which is very natural and realistic.

6. Celestial Grey | 1 Year

Celestial Grey Contacts appear light grey and have pale oat patterns. This is a 100% restoration of the mystery and purity of the light grey eyes. These lenses look super natural in both blue eyes and brown eyes and fit every mood and moment.

Best 3 Brown Contacts for Blue Eyes

Brown contact lenses can transform your eyes from a cool blue to a warm brown hue. Lighter brown shades like honey ensure a seamless and natural transition, often favored for their subtle and charming effect.

Brown Contacts for Blue Eyes

7. Celestial Brown | 1 Year

The brown shades in the TTDeye Celestial Collection also go well on blue eyes. Choose Celestial Brown and make it the gamer-changer of your daily life. You can transform the coolness in your blue eyes into a warm honey-brown shade.

8. Egypt Brown | 1 Year

The tan brown hues add warmth to your blue eyes and the grey edge enlarges your eyes and makes them brighter. You can expect a completely new you!

Best 2 Purple Contacts for Blue Eyes

Purple colored contact lenses can produce a captivating contrast with blue eyes, enhancing their vibrance and brightness. Lenses in shades of violet, lilac, or lavender complement blue eyes more.

Purple Contacts for Blue Eyes

9. Vanilla Purple | 1 Year

With a light violet base part and dark purple edge, Vanilla Purple Lenses have a simple design but striking transformation. Despite it being purple, it doesn't look unnatural.

10. Iris Purple II | 1 Year

Iris Purple II features a purple base and a black edge. They make your eyes appear bright violet in sunlight and darker in low light, quite natural.

Best 3 Blue Contacts for Blue Eyes

Blue-colored contacts are designed to intensify the natural beauty of blue eyes. You can also choose blue colored contact lenses to add depth and vibrancy to your blue eyes.

Opt for the right shade based on the natural shade of your eyes. Lighter blues brighten your eyes for a youthful look, while darker tones add mystery and depth.

Blue Contacts for Blue Eyes

11. Egypt Blue | 1 Year

Egypt Blue suits your blue eyes as well. The ocean blue lens can add depth and mystery to your eyes and the black limbal ring can enhance your eyes and make them look more striking.

12. Daisy Blue | 1 Year

If you are tired of your dull light blue eyes, opt for Daisy Blue Colored contacts with daisy petal patterns. They are very pretty, vibrant, and natural-looking. They can make your eyes bright but realistic.

13. Real Aqua | 1 Year

Real Aqua is an excellent choice for those looking to accentuate their blue eyes. The lens design features a distinct blue edge that emphasizes the contour of the iris, very eye-catching and impressive.


When picking out colored contacts for blue eyes, it's important to think about the effect you want, how intense your natural eye color is, and how different shades will complement your blue hue. Green, grey, brown, purple, and even blue contacts all work well with blue eyes.

Explore your options at TTDeye to find your perfect match and unveil a new look!